What are you really spending on IT Support?


As a business owner, you know that every penny counts as you develop, grow, and maintain your company. You know the cost of electricity, the insurances, even how much that is paid out to your staff… BUT do you know how much is paid in lost time?

We all use technology to assist in and perform tasks that pertain to our business such as customer management databases, sales material, and the use of the internet to communicate with your vendors, distributors, and customers…and then… the system goes down!


The hidden costs of using a non-managed services provider, the “break-fix guy” 


The Scenario:

·         You experiencing any one or more of these possible situations:

o   1 to 25 systems:

§  The network slows down to a crawl?

§  All of a sudden, everyone has pop-ups?

§  You go to one website and are sent to another one?

§  Computers or server won’t turn on or load the operating system?

§  Internet works for some but not all?

§  A file is lost and a backup doesn’t exist?

§  No internet success at all?

§  Computer boots slowly?

·         You call your “tech guy” and he is too busy to get to you right away?

o   Or he doesn’t answer?

o   You have to wait hours or days before a return phone call?

·         You are charged for every visit, phone support, and remote support session?

o   Even if the problem isn’t solved?

o   Or the problem returns and you are charged again for the same issue?

·         One of your staff knows enough about computers “to be dangerous?

o   This person attempts to “Fix” the systems

o   While everyone waits

o   And this person’s position has nothing to do with IT?

·         Your systems are down for an hour or more every week?

While your systems are down, are you still paying your staff while they wait?

Of course you are!



Now picture this:

If you have five employees each receiving $10 per hour, and it takes an hour for your current tech guy/company to respond:

$10 x 5 (employees) = $50 an hour

The tech guy receives $65 per hour

The system is down one hour a day, every day comes to: $250 a week… this comes to $12, 000 a year!

Now include your tech guy’s fee: on average two hours a week at $65 per hour = $6240 per year

So far you are up to $18,240 a year!  

Now add the tech guy time to the employee lost work time:

 This equals 96 hours of downtime which the tech fixes the issue: $4800 per year in lost wages:

Now its $23,040 a year lost.


Where does this money go?

·         34% to 78% is hidden of this is hidden in lost wages

·         Then Add lost revenue due to downtime???

Now ask yourself, “Why are we not using Total Care IT from Intelligent Technology Services?”

·         Fully Staffed IT department

·         ITS Certified Network  & Systems Analysts & Technicians

·         24/7/365 Systems Monitoring

·         Consistent Proactive Maintenance

·         Local workshop is OPEN 7 days a week

·         24 Hour a day emergency support

·         Secure remote support

·         Managed onsite/offsite backup

·         Managed Enterprise Grade Antivirus